Coverage Options

Some of the Many Benefit Offerings We Provide.

Prescription Drugs

You want a prescription drug plan that is affordable, easy to use, provides comprehensive coverage, and can save time and money.

Dental Coverage

Dental Coverage

Whether you’re looking for basic maintenance or major coverage, our Dental insurance plans can help cover the cost of dental care for your employees and their families.

Emergency Travel

Exceptional no-limit emergency travel medical insurance for employees is included in every Chambers Plan Health option.

Extended Health

Covers costs such as: Chiropractors / Massage Therapists / Acupuncturists / Physiotherapists / Speech Therapists / Clinical Psychologists / Naturopaths / Osteopaths / Dieticians / Audiologists / Podiatrists.

Vision Care

Vision Care

Having trouble reading the fine print?   Glasses, Contacts, eye exams and laser surgery coverages available.

Life Insurance

Group life insurance provides financial support to families of employees in the event of their death. Guaranteed coverage for organizations with three or more employees.


Disability insurance, whether short or long term, gives employees a financial cushion in the event they become disabled due to an injury or illness and are unable to work for a period of time.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness

If one of your employees became seriously ill and was unable to work, what would their family do?  C.I. provides a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of serious medical conditions.

Employee Assistance

What if there was a way to help your employees deal with problems before they escalated into serious issues that result in absenteeism or even lead to disability claims?

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